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Hi, I'm Andres



I am a 2nd generation Mexican American born and raised in the small Central Kansas town of Newton.  I attended public schools in Newton and earned my Bachelors of Science and Masters in Business Administration from The University of Kansas.  I met my wife of 13 years in Italy.  We moved to Atlanta in 2006 when I accepted a job at SunTrust, now Truist. Heidi and I have three children; Francesca (4th grade), Renzo (1st grade) and Maximo (Pre-K).  Maximo will join Francesca and Renzo at King Springs Elementary School next year. 


I work at a FinTech company as the Head of Capital Markets.  I have spent nearly 20 years working in capital markets, banking, asset management and securities. I have deep experience in alternative investments and assets including: commercial real estate, private credit, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds.  I have spent a significant amount of time in my career building relationships, creating and launching new products and services, and helping scale up companies.


I am a high energy, optimistic, and outgoing connector.  I enjoy spending time with my family being outdoors and and am frequently on the move.  I love to run, read, and stay active in my community and my church.  I am a volunteer.  I am a coach.  I am driven.  I am here to serve and advocate for others.


The Future Starts Today - Vote Sandate

I am running for Cobb County School Board Post 2 to put the focus back on education.  Our kids, teachers and schools deserve leaders who will place education above personal agendas.  This requires leaders who will serve their constituents while also maintaining a focus on common objectives and goals across Cobb County Schools. The middle can be messy.  It requires courage, conviction, collaboration and compromise. Effective leadership on the Cobb County School board is essential given the challenges  its constituents have faced during the last three years.  Cobb County is a thriving and desirable place to live, work and raise a family.  High performing safe public schools provide benefits to all members of Cobb County and beyond.  It is vital that the Cobb County School Board function at its highest levels for the benefit of strengthening our schools and upholding the mission of the Cobb County School District. 

One Team. One Goal. Student Success.

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